Website Maintenance

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Website Maintenance That is Flexible and Offers Quick Response

We work with you and grow alongside you, providing personal support from the moment you connect with us. Our monthly website maintenance plan includes comprehensive support, including error fixes, regular content updates, backups, consultations, security monitoring, and unlimited tech assistance.

To remain current and functional, websites require ongoing maintenance. As technology continues to advance, we prioritize accuracy and optimal performance for your website, ensuring it is running at its best.

Web Maintenance Tasks:

  • Core and Plugin Updates
  • Content/Database Backups
  • Core Security Updates
  • Performance Test
  • Database Optimization
  • 404 & Broken Links Check
  • Website Form Functionality Test
  • SSL Certificate Test

We provide regular updates, check the functionality of the system, and make minor programming adjustments as needed. Our team of experts also provide consultation and advice on website maintenance, security monitoring, and unlimited tech assistance.Ā 

Additionally, we are committed to ensuring that your website remains up-to-date and secure, so you can focus on growing your business with confidence. With our comprehensive website maintenance plan, you can rest assured that your site is always running optimally and securely.Ā 

Our maintenance plan includes: monitoring the performance of your site; troubleshooting any issues that arise; security checks on a regular basis; ensuring that all plugins, themes, and content are up-to-date; creating backups of your website’s data to ensure full recovery in the event of an emergency.Ā 

Website software platforms release updates improving functionality and enhance the user experience, including the various plug-ins used on most websites. However, custom-coded functionality may be affected by these updates. While developers program updates to work with default settings, they cannot anticipate every variable in custom-coded elements. Furthermore, to ensure proper functionality after an update, our website maintenance services include an extra hour of programming to make necessary adjustments. These steps are crucial for effective web maintenance.

Why Is It Important to Do Website Maintenance?

As a new business owner, you have a lot to handle, and keeping a constant check on your website might not be feasible. While it may seem tempting to just buy a domain name, put up a temporary website, and worry about it later, it’s not a good idea. Maintaining an up-to-date, healthy, and functional website is crucial for several reasons, such as:

  • Improving your SEO
  • Increasing Customer Attraction/Engagement
  • Reduced Security Vulnerabilities
  • A well-performing Corporate Image


Were you aware that almost 40% of individuals discontinue interacting with a website if the images fail to load or take too much time to load?

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Let us make the website changes you need as often as you like.Ā  The AD Leaf works on YOUR team to ensure your website remains current and functional without stealing your wallet. Getting started is fast, simple, and secure.