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Zen Cart & The AD Leaf

Zen Cart is a database-backed web application on a web host that uses web technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Apache to create your store. In simple words, Zen Cart is an online store management system. The eCommerce website design program is developed by a group of shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think e-commerce web design could be and should be, done differently.


Zen Cart

Why use this E-Commerce Website Design for Your Business Website?

  • It puts the merchants’ and shoppers’ requirements first.
  • A Free Open Source software. It is licensed under GPL2, meaning you can modify the source code in whatever your application requires.
  • Easily Integrate with your Payment Gateway: With many popular payment gateways built-in, you can start accepting payments immediately.Ā 
  • Works with any* hosting company
  • Ability to use your own domain name
  • It is ready to run immediately. You can start accepting payments immediately.


What features does Zen Cart Offer?

  • Easily keep your product/catalog updated ā€“ no HTML coding is required to add, delete, or modify products
  • No limits on the number of categories or products
  • Secure ā€“ no one but your administrative personnel can access your customer/catalog data
  • Easy to install ā€“ our helpful installation program guides you easily through the setup process
  • Mobile ready: can be viewed on tablets and phones as well as desktop devices
  • The responsive_classic template meets accessibility standards for both desktop and mobile.
  • Advanced Template System using stylesheets and images
  • PHP customizations can be protected during upgrades by using overrides and notifiers
  • Switching from one installed template to another is as simple as a couple of clicks in the Admin


Why choose The AD Leaf?

E-Commerce, web development, and maintenance are essential to any business. To learn more about how this custom framework can positively impact your businessā€™s website and marketing, please contact us to schedule your consultation at 321-255-0900 or email us at info@theadleaf.com! Our team is excited to help you keep current with the best in the market!



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