Text Message Marketing

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How Can Text Message (SMS) Marketing Help Improve My Business?

Many people enjoy getting good deals because it creates a feeling of excitement. We all know the rush of dopamine we experience when we see the amount saved on a receipt after shopping during a sale. People are always eager to save money, and they usually find deals through ads like emails or banners on websites. However, what if there was a more direct way to send them to these deals? While some places have weekly ads, it still requires users to seek them out. What if there was a way to send ads directly to them? Text message marketing is becoming more popular, and The AD Leaf® is taking advantage of this opportunity. As phones are increasingly essential in our lives, text message marketing is a great way to reach people who they are already looking for.

Ways to Embrace Text Message Marketing

If your business offers flash sales, like a restaurant or department store, it’s crucial to reach your customers quickly. While emails may work for some people, others don’t check their inboxes frequently enough to benefit from flash sales. Text messages, on the other hand, are almost guaranteed to be seen because people always have their phones with them. This creates an opportunity to attract customers who might miss out on a great deal otherwise.

For instance, let’s say you run a restaurant and have a special offer where two entrees cost only $30 between 5-7 p.m. If you send out a text message at the right time, you can help a potential customer decide where to eat dinner that night. By offering a great deal, you create a positive experience for the customer, who might not have known about your restaurant otherwise. You can even use text messages to send out updates on future flash sales, building loyalty among your customer base. 

Text messages are also a great way to stay in touch with your customers. If you’re running a new promotion or introducing a new product, you can send out a text message featuring either of these. This gives people the opportunity to stay up-to-date on what’s happening at your business, and it gives them a chance to take advantage of any special offers or discounts you may be running. 

What The AD Leaf ® Can Do For You

At The AD Leaf ®, we understand that marketing can be a complicated process for businesses. Many are too busy with day-to-day operations to devote the necessary time and energy to it. Our marketing firm specializes in helping businesses establish a successful marketing presence, including launching text message campaigns. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and adapting to changes in the marketing world, such as the rise of text message campaigns. By reaching clients directly through this platform, businesses can promote specials and other details in a way that is convenient and effective. We want to help all businesses achieve their goals and improve their operations. Contact us today to get started with your text message campaigns! 

We understand that launching and maintaining a successful marketing campaign can be intimidating, so we are here to help. Our team of experienced professionals has an extensive background in marketing and understands the nuances of different types of campaigns. We will work with you to design and implement a customized plan tailored to your business’s needs while helping you stay up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing. 

How Does an SMS Campaign Work?


A text messaging (SMS) campaign with The AD Leaf ® would involve a communicative process between you and us. We will work with you to find out what you want to showcase in your campaigns. There are multiple kinds of text message campaigns that you can choose to run, and we can help you decide which kind of Text Message campaign is best for the service you offer.


Flash deals


Want to run flash specials? We can do that for you, pushing out the special in a text message to a list of customers and encouraging them to take advantage of it before the designated time runs out. These are fantastic around the holidays for stores trying to encourage short-term holiday deals or for restaurants that want to push a unique event such as Happy Hour.


Advertise a new product.


A text message can be a great way to spread the word about a fresh product, menu item, or service. By contacting customers who’ve already signed up, you’re reaching out to those who are most interested in what you’re offering. Use it as a chance to connect with your customers and share something new!


Ask for donations


For non-profits, political campaigns, and local charities seeking donations, a text message is a powerful way to connect with supporters. Given our phone-centric world, the chance of quick and direct outreach is high. By embracing these technologies and promoting them, no opportunity is lost!


Did you know – 96 percent of Americans own a smartphone of some kind?


Many industries already take advantage of Text Message style marketing.


Brick and Mortar stores

Non-profit organizations

Political campaigns

You can be the next one.


Let The AD Leaf ® Help You.


The AD Leaf ® can assist you in tapping into the growing market. Our team of experienced marketers has dedicated years to analyzing and comprehending the ever-changing marketing industry. No task is too daunting for us. We thoroughly investigate any new developments and determine how to incorporate them effectively for the benefit of our clients.

If you’re interested in learning more about Text Message marketing, we’re happy to set up a consultation. Our team can provide you with expert advice on how to improve your marketing campaigns using this approach, and we’re confident that we’re the best people to help you achieve your goals. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!


Call us at 321-255-0900 or use our online contact page. Start your next business adventure with The AD Leaf ®.