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As a business owner, you most likely have a LinkedIn page to make connections and find future employees. However, have you considered using it to market your company? Here at The AD Leaf Marketing Firm, we can help you develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy for your business. Give us a call today at 321-255-0900 to schedule a free consultation with our social media strategists. 

Why LinkedIn Marketing is Important

What is so great about using LinkedIn for your marketing is that you can utilize it to draw website leads and promote new job opportunities. When prospective employees apply for a job opening, they can either get redirected to your website or follow your company’s page on LinkedIn. This direction is just one of the reasons why LinkedIn accounts for 89% of business-to-business or B2B lead generation. 

So, how do you know if you are a B2B business? If you provide commercial services, you can advertise as a B2B company. It is that simple! After all, businesses are always looking for third parties to affiliate with, especially when maintaining their appearance. For example, if you are a roofing contractor offering special commercial services, you can advertise on this social media platform. 

Like any good marketing plan, however, you need a strategy for your LinkedIn marketing. Give The AD Leaf a call today to learn more about how we can bring you leads, customers, and new employees.

LinkedIn’s Marketing Tools

LinkedIn offers marketers like us a variety of tools and features we utilize during our marketing strategy. Here are just a few and how we can use them to bring you the results you deserve.

Unique Company Pages

Whether your business has a LinkedIn page or not, having one is probably the most essential step of this marketing strategy. When you hire us to manage your LinkedIn marketing, we can create engaging posts that showcase what your business has to offer. Furthermore, we can also manage your page by responding to comments and questions. 

Sponsored Content

Advertising on LinkedIn is often sponsored content. We can purchase advertising space for the target audiences you are looking for. These ads can also come in a variety of different ways, such as:

  • Single image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Event

We can work with you to determine what kind of sponsored content is best for you and your business. 

Sponsored Messaging

This form of advertising is unique to LinkedIn. If you are looking for the perfect candidate for a new position or advertise directly to business owners, sponsored messaging can be a great option. We can work with you to determine what messages to send and who to send them to. 

The LinkedIn Ad Creation Process

Do you want to learn more about how we can create the ads you and your business deserve? Here is a breakdown of what we can offer you.

Selecting a clear objective

If you do not have a clear objective for your LinkedIn Ad campaign, then the campaign will be nowhere near as successful. If you have trouble determining this objective, The AD Leaf ¬ģ can help guide you through it. We have years of experience working with digital advertising and can assist you in creating the best marketing objective.

Finding an audience

Knowing who to send your advertisement to is just as important as what it says. Who do you want to advertise to? What age groups and other demographics do they belong in? The more we know about the audience most likely to engage with your business, the more influential the campaign will be.

Picking the format that best suits your business

LinkedIn advertisements come in various formats, all created to make sure that they can be seen across platforms. The AD Leaf ¬ģ can help you determine which format will be the most enticing to your audience. We can create the best LinkedIn ads for you, from carousel content displaying recent work to personalized messages.

Tracking advertisement performance 

The LinkedIn Ads interface allows us to track the performance of your advertisements as they perform. We will update you regularly on just how successful your LinkedIn Ads are. Furthermore, our team can also help figure out your next steps.

Advertise On LinkedIn With The AD Leaf

Are you ready to get started on your LinkedIn marketing strategy? Give The AD Leaf Marketing Firm a call today at 321-255-0900 or fill out our online contact form! Our social media team is excited to create the best marketing strategy for you and your business.

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