SEO vs. AEO in 2023

The world of SEO is constantly changing; whether it be Google’s Algorithm updates, changes in user behavior, or changes in keyword volume, it is important to remember that Search Engine Optimization is not a set-and-forget strategy. Especially with the rise of Answer Engine Optimization (AEO) recently, the SEO landscape is about to get interesting.

What is AEO?


Now, you may ask, “What is AEO, and why should I care?” Well, allow me to explain. AEO stands for “Answer Engine Optimization“; it is a new strategy that allows digital marketers and webmasters to optimize content more efficiently. AEO is a more interactive strategy because the focus is on answering questions in search engines rather than ranking for certain keywords

Why Should I Use Answer Engine Optimization?

AEO is a great strategy to implement if you are looking for something more interactive than traditional SEO. Again, AEO focuses on providing valuable content via featured snippets. Featured snippets are content that answers a question asked by users. These questions appear in the “People May Also Ask” section in Google SERPS. Providing direct answers to those questions will help your company stand out from others.

Can I Use AEO Instead of SEO?

AEO is an extension of SEO; therefore, SEO will be necessary if you want to implement AEO as well. Those who focus on AEO without putting any time or effort into SEO will likely be disappointed with their results.

What is an Example of Answer Engine Optimization?

While Answer Engine Optimization focuses on answer-boxed and featured snippets, as stated before, featured snippets are question drop-down boxes that appear on Google in the “People Also Ask” section. These are common questions asked by users, and when you select the drop-down, it will provide you with content that provides you with a direct answer to that question. This results in a better customer experience.

The following is an example of what featured snippets will look like on Google:

The following is an example of what the content of the featured snippet may look like. Content within featured snippets can vary from text content to even photos and videos. Google will also highlight the content section containing the answer to the question asked. This provides a better experience for the user.

In Conclusion – Answer Engine Optimization vs. Search Engine Optimization

To recap, AEO is an extension of SEO that provides users with valuable content that answers questions instead of ranking for keywords. Both strategies can synergize well together, given the right optimization. AEO is a new and exciting strategy that will change the SEO landscape for years to come.

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