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We know owning and running a company is hard, we run our own! You are an expert in your field and we are an expert in ours. Even if you have some experience in marketing why not get some expert advice. Running a business is hard, you are a retail expert, you are an electrician, you are an expert in your craft, and you want your business to dominate the competition. Don’t you want to invest your time into perfecting your craft? Instead of experimenting, let us handle it. 

The Ad Leaf is a full-service marketing agency ready to amplify your business. Boosting awareness of your brand, driving sales, and bringing in customers is a full-time job. If you do that in addition to running your business, being the accountant, and working in the field; you’re working 4 full-time jobs and spreading yourself too thin. Many business owners struggle with some aspect of marketing whether it’s print or digital. When you hire one person to take on the challenge of deciphering trends and keeping up with the ever changing landscape even they can get lost. When you hire us you have an ever-evolving asset, a group of experts only a phone call away. That’s where we come in, whether it’s taking the mantle of providing our marketing services or giving you guidance through our newsletter, don’t you think you should take all the help you can get? 

    The AD Leaf is a Premier Marketing Agency based in Florida. We’ve done it all, print marketing, email marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and even podcast marketing. Our variety of services tend to go even further beyond ordinary marketing firms, our talents have grown out into multiple fields. We also offer IT Services, Software development, Website development, and much more. We’ve worked with big names such as Pizza Hut, Polaroid, and AMC Theatres just to name a few. In our portfolio, we’ve turned a few clients into big names in their community like Chatham Comfort Controls and NuWave Botanicals.

    Let’s go down to the roots: Businesses are all about running Efficiently and Effectively. Using your money wisely leads to meeting that break-even point sooner and reaching a profit. You’re going to spend less money outsourcing your marketing to a qualified agency, the size of a company’s marketing department, then jumping through hoops hiring a qualified individual to take care of the work. Are they going to be able to handle almost any aspect of marketing that is relatable to your business? Do they have all the necessary certifications and are ready to keep up with the trends marketing streams are constantly evolving into? Our diverse team of marketing professionals are educated in the trends and we nourish and grow them with the trends. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our services and follow our blog to grow with us. 

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      At The Ad Leaf, we have a team of specialists who are well-versed in the industry and are experts in what they do. Get in touch with our experienced marketing consultants by calling us at (321)255-0900 or emailing us at We look forward to growing with you.