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The AD Leaf ® is more than just a Marketing firm. We are an Agency Partner.

Pay Per Click Marketing Company in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}

The AD Leaf ® is a Pay Per Click Marketing Company in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} process utilizes all the features Google Ads has to offer in order to present Google with an Ad that will fit in with their algorithm well. Our world class and innovative firm will learn your goals, your mission, and what success looks like to you. Our carefully crafted actions are executed in support of developing the most strategic and well-executed marketing strategies to help you grow. The AD Leaf ®’s approach ensures that your ads can preform well prior to being released. Learn more about Pay Per Click Marketing Companies in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} below.

Is Google Ads & Bing Ads Right For My Company?

  • Google Ads campaign management is right for you if your business is a right now type of business model. (Examples are: Plumber, Electrician, Towing Service)

  • You haven’t executed a marketing strategy for your business correctly and you need customer or client leads with a sense of urgency.

  • Your business is entering its holiday season and you are interested in gaining additional market share & additional leads as a supplement to your already successful marketing program.

  • You are launching a new business segment within your company and you would like to be found online quickly for your new business initiative.

  • Your product or service is a niche product or service and one that is or could be in demand.

  • A sizable component of your customer or client age demographic are the Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennial age demographics.

When Google Ads & Bing Ads Are NOT Right For My Company

  • Google Ads may not be your best marketing choice if your business model does not carry a heightened sense of urgency with your customers. (Examples: Apparel, retailers, wholesalers, and consumable goods businesses)

  • Your business model is highly competitive and your keyword costs are excessive. (Examples: Car Insurance costs per click (CPC) averages $70.00 per click. If an insurance agent earns $50.00 per policy, a $70.00 marketing spend is unrealistic)

  • Your business website is not currently up to date with the most advanced technology and your website is NOT designed with optimal lead conversion best practices.

  • You intend to manage your Google Ads campaign yourself. You are the subject matter expert in your business field. Most business owners are not the subject matter expert with Marketing-specifically functioning as a Google Ads certified partner to design and execute your own Ad Words campaign. Most of these scenarios cause tremendous LOSS to the business through wasted marketing dollars, and loss to the businesses P & L Net Income.

  • A sizable component of your client or customers age demographic is the Baby Boomer age demographic.

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    Google Ads, Bing Ads, Pay Per Click Marketing in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}} – The AD Leaf ®

    Our Google Ads certified partners are committed and calibrated to ensure your Ad Words campaigns are executed to deliver the best lead conversion results while simultaneously searching for innovative and cutting-edge drivers that minimize Costs Per Click, and utilizing the leanest budget. Examples of our detailed campaign components, strategies, and priorities are listed below:

    • To execute promoting your website, The AD Leaf ®’s Google Ads team will generate an expansive database of keywords that will allow us to utilize and maximize the exposure and acquisitions for conversions on your website that can be achieved through search engine advertising.

    • In addition to bidding and creative analytics within our strategy, The AD Leaf ®’s advanced long-tail, exact match, broad match, and or phrase match approach to keyword generation increases the execution of a highly targeted demographic, low-competition keywords, thus minimizing CPA & maximizing ROAS.

    • Our proprietary Google Ads specialized matching techniques will be implemented throughout your Google or Bing Ad Words PPC campaign to accurately target which keywords or phrases are profitable and help with your ROI and which should be paused.

    • We test multiple variations and dimensions of our advertising copy, finding the right mix which appeals to maximize response rate and most of all improve your conversion rates.

    Pay Per Click Marketing Services

    Fact Finding Evaluation: We will work hand in hand with you over to determine your objectives and understand the products and services you are promoting.

    Extensive detailed Campaign Structure: We will optimize your campaign structure to help with ease of management, increase your Click through Rate and Quality Score, and to easily identify non-performing groups.

    Keyword Research and Optimization: We will research the keywords in your market to determine the popular, relevant, and optimal keyword spread. We’ll also uncover the lowest cost niche search terms which will help your ROI. Whenever possible and where it makes the most sense for our client, we will use long-tail keywords to drive qualified traffic at lower CPCs.

    Ad Copy Creation Tool: An effective ad copy is required to entice your visitors to click on your ads. We create an attractive and aggressive, call-to-action ad copy, which increases the click-through rate. This, in turn, increases the probability of a click from the search engine traffic. Most of the times, you might see a decent product, backed by a poor ad copy which is a factor we follow. This can often turn the traffic and more importantly, turn the possible sale, away. Attractive ad copies can increase the click-through rate, which in turn increases the number of sales which helps calculation of the conversion rates.

    Website Landing Page Optimization Tool: We will ensure that the pages on your site where PPC traffic is being sent are optimized to give you the best conversion rates by assigning keywords to the most relevant landing page that will help turn your cost of acquisition and conversion.

    Ad Split Testing Tool: We will create and test multiple ads to run against each other. This way you can be sure you always are using the best converting ad copy. This is a version of A/B splitting which most companies do not utilize.

    Optimized Bid Strategy: Using detailed reporting and keyword data, we will adjust the bidding to determine the best and most profitable position for each of your keywords.

    Negative Keywords: We work to ensure that the only keywords our campaigns are ranking for, are those that are relevant, and conversion focused for our clients.

    Other Digital Marketing Services in {{lpg_city}} {{lpg_state}}

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The overall goal is to make it so your site provides the results that Google thinks suites their customers whom are searching.

    Web Design & Web Development

    Our extremely talented team of graphic designers, front end, and back-end developers all design your beautiful websites in the most commonly used and search engine compliant programming languages.

    Social Media Marketing

    We understand your goals and work to educate our clients on the immediate and long-term term impacts of social media marketing.

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    Our Google Ads certified partners are committed and calibrated to ensure your Ad Words campaigns are executed to deliver the best lead conversion results.

    Email Marketing

    Our innovative and results driven Email Marketing program can help your company navigate through the changing environment and new regulations when emailing your prospects.

    Contact Writing

    Our content marketing services are an ideal addition to SEO and social media marketing strategies but they can also be utilized on their own.