social media engagement

Knowing Where Your Social Media Audience Is

social media engagement

The baseline of any marketing campaign is your audience. You need to know what your social media audience is, what they’re looking for, and what channels they’re using to receive messages. Without essential information like this, the content you create could be stunning, but it’s not going to the right people. That is why knowing where your social media audience is engaging most often will help you narrow down how large you need to cast your social net.¬†

Who Is Using Social Media?

Start by taking an overarching look at the world of social media as a whole. The surging storm of social media usage is now looking at 72% of U.S. adults interacting on at least one social media site. This number only grows higher and higher, meaning your potential for reaching large portions of a target market is growing as well. 

The challenge then comes with finding your specific audience because over 1.5 million people can receive your message. This is where hiring a professional marketing firm comes in handy. 

Meeting Your Audience Where They’re At

Now, let’s talk about the specifics. Each social media platform has its advantages and disadvantages. If your products or services are highly visual, then a photo-sharing site will most likely be the top platform for you. For something more casual or text-based, there are options as well. That will be a deciding factor in which platform is the best for your business. Knowing your target audience helps you to narrow down their behaviors and what platforms they’re more likely to be using.¬†

We will look at the most common platforms and who is most active on each. 


This platform is used more often by women than men, and users are most commonly in the 30 to 49 age range. That doesn’t discredit the large number of males using Facebook, but it gives some insight into who will have a higher chance of seeing a Facebook post or advertisement.¬†

Users 50 to 64 years old are the second-largest age range on Facebook, so there is a clear tendency for older generations to be utilizing this space. 


Though owned by the same parent company, Instagram’s insights are pretty different from Facebook’s. This social media site is still more commonly used by women, but looking at age ranges, we see that users 18 to 29 frequent Instagram much more than any other aged consumers.¬†

This is essential information if you are looking for a younger audience or are trying to establish a long-term loyal consumer base. These people have a lot of time to consume products in the future.


This social media site is very different from the previous two we’ve covered. LinkedIn is a heavily business-related site, focusing on jobs, companies, and networking connections. Men have a higher percentage of using LinkedIn than women, though the margin is relatively slim. The margin between age ranges is also narrow, though the 30 to 49-year-olds are still most heavily using this platform.¬†


Twitter is another site that is dominated by the young. The number of users on Twitter from 18 to 29 is almost double that of any other age range. Twitter is great for casual conversation connection, and it keeps messages short and sweet. 


Pinterest gets overlooked as a social media platform, but Pinterest is an incredibly popular site for the right businesses. Unsurprising to most is the fact that women dominate the Pinterest user base. There is a significant difference between the percentages of women and men who use Pinterest. This is a brilliant social media site to use when women of any age are your prime audience.


And now, the social media site that has taken the world by storm. Clearly, the highest category of users are 18 to 29-year-olds, but this has been evening out between all age ranges as more content is created and more businesses are getting in on the trends. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great platform for cultivating brand awareness and honing in on your target audience. There are a wide variety of benefits when it comes to social media marketing such as:

  • improved SEO
  • increased revenue
  • brand awareness
  • creates trustworthiness and authority
  • retargeting opportunities
  • and more

Need More Help?

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