Do You Hear the People e-Sing?

If you’re like me, you entered 2020 with a pretty full concert calendar. Excited for the artists both young and old I’d be seeing, I had even been planning weekend getaways to correspond with some of the shows. Obviously, those plans came to a bit of a halt with the onset of coronavirus. Music fans around the world were left sad and lost at the prospect of at least a year without a show to let loose at. Enter a new music industry line: the social e-concert thanks to Social Media Marketing for TikTok and other platforms. 

The concept of live-streaming an event is certainly nothing new but up until this point, it had been an add on to the actual live-experience. Between social distancing and different regulations in place all over tour routes, the industry had to get a bit creative. A growing number of artists are putting together live concerts for their fans that even feature their own “admission” charges. While thankfully nowhere near the same price of a standard show, this price gives you access to the concert and usually a live-chat feature with other fans– sometimes even with the artists themselves. 

Social Media Marketing for TikTokOne example of artists doing this is the band The Maine. Based out of Arizona, the band is selling $10 tickets to their concert. They’re even offering merch bundles with “tour” shirts to further make the experience feel like the real thing. Fans of the band all over social media are joining together in groups to chat and “attend” the show together. The Maine has traditionally been a band that makes great use of Social Media Marketing for TikTok and unique marketing opportunities and pandemic concerts are no exception. 

Another artist making the most of a difficult situation is The Weeknd. Real name Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd teamed up with TikTok for the first live virtual reality concert on the app. While Abel and his avatar brought down the e-house, fans were able to chat amongst themselves and express their love for him in the comments. Social Media Marketing for TikTokTo make the experience more special, he even teased a new song and was joined for a surprise performance of a song with Doja Cat. The show was free for fans but part of the collab with the app included the release of a special collection of merch, the proceeds of which went to the Equal Justice Initiative.

Other notable artists taking part in this new era of concerts are Norah Jones, Jason Isbell, Aventura, and Post Malone, the last of which performed a tribute to Nirvana with drumming legend Travis Barker. Many are even taking the opportunity to use this time to raise money for charities or shed light on important issues. 

While the sweat and standing around at a traditional concert may not be the best part of a night out at a show, there is absolutely something to be said for the social experience it provides. Whether going with a group of friends or meeting new people there on your own, the bonding experience of a concert is an unparalleled experience. Particularly with younger people, social media provides a wonderful way to stay in touch, chat, and get excited over their favorite artists, all without having to leave the safety of their homes. 

When you think about it, while they’re certainly no replacement for the experience of a live show right in front of you, keeping the e-concert in a post-COVID world could be a great idea. These shows provide the opportunity to see a show to many who wouldn’t be able to otherwise, whether because of cost, illness, or other interference, all while still staying social, thanks to Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other awesome social media apps. 

If you’re intrigued by the power of Social Media Marketing for TikTok and how it’s affecting the human experience during COVID, reach out to us here at The AD Leaf! We’d love to show you all social media can do for you and your company during this unprecedented time. 

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