Case Study - Pediatrics In Brevard

Built a significant social media and community based online presence realizing over a 5000% growth in 6-months:

  • We have fixed the SEO structure of
  • We have redesigned and refreshed the site with a new, updated and mobile responsive look & feel.
  • The AD Leaf ® has created additional, relevant, and community based social media platforms to serve Pediatrics In Brevard’s social community, growth, brand identity and mission.
  • The AD Leaf ® has improved the organization’s online reputation and brand identity through Google and Bing’s search engines.


Key Achievements

Social Media community growth has increased 6000% in 6-months.

Website traffic has increased monthly to 400% growth M.O.M.

The organization now has a more consistent, relevant, and branded outward facing online appearance.


About Pediatrics In Brevard

Pediatrics In Brevard was dealing with many different online business names, different business profiles, and was functioning without a consistent brand. Office locations online were not following a consistent and strategic brand identity guideline, the organization was suffering from many negative reviews and their online website was very out of date.

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