Case Study - My Cupcake World

The AD Leaf ® helped My Cupcake world establish the company brand, built brand awareness, and now the client is booked ahead for 6-MONTHS!:

  • We have designed and refreshed with a beautiful, modern, adorable, and fully-custom look, feel & functionality. We fashioned some of the website elements after LaDuree.
  • The AD Leaf ® has created additional, relevant, and community based social media platforms to serve My Cupcake World’s social community, growth, brand identity and customer base.
  • The AD Leaf ® has improved the organizations online reputation and brand identity through Google and Bing’s search engines.


Key Achievements

Social Media community growth has increased 9000% in 6-months.

Website traffic has increased monthly to 600% growth M.O.M.

The organization now has a more consistent, relevant, and branded outward facing online appearance.


“You Guys ARE THE BEST!”, Owner and President Iris C.


About My Cupcake World

My Cupcake World is transforming from a delicious, delectable, and wildly successful farmer’s market craze into a well-established southwest Florida regional business icon. The AD Leaf ® has established the My Cupcake World brand, increased brand awareness and generates qualified leads of individuals and entity’s seeking a gourmet cupcake experience throughout the South Florida area.

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