6 Advantages of Social Media Marketing For Your Business

advantages of social media marketingWith the emergence of smartphone devices, social media marketing will be playing a major role online for many years to come. Now with over 2 billion people using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, it’s becoming easier for businesses to gain a huge, loyal following.

Here are the 6 advantages of social media marketing for your business:

  1. Brand Exposure: If your customers have purchased your products and services and it has benefited them, the natural thing for them to do is to tell their family and friends. When they share your products and services through social media, their recommendations can spread like wildfire, having your brand exposed to a vast number of people.
  2. More Traffic: Without traffic, your business will struggle and traffic is extremely crucial if want to sell your goods and services and pursue a large following. On social media, it is always best to talk to your customers and encourage them to visit your website. Another idea would be to send them a free eBook or gift to subscribe to your newsletter. This can help you gain more traffic as well.
  3. Very Affordable: One of the advantages of using social media marketing is that doesn’t cost much compared to other ways of advertising. On Facebook, you can start with 5 dollars a day for a post you would like to boost and scale the bid once you see activity. Very affordable for those who have a low budget.
  4. Increased Brand Loyalty: There are times where things in your business don’t go according to plan. Someone may have ordered a product and it’s taking too long to be delivered. They may have complained through social media about the long delay of delivering the product and you can respond to them stating that you’re sorry for the long wait and can offer them a free gift in addition to their order and have it delivered on time. This is an excellent way to have your customers feel confident in your brand and would want to continue doing business with you. This is brand loyalty at its finest.
  5. Customers are happy: Like we previously mentioned, once you gain the confidence and trust of your customers, they will always be happy and continue to do business with you. Whenever your customers are happy, they will share the good news with their friends and family that they should buy goods and services from you for interacting with them and treating them with respect.
  6. Having an insight into the marketplace: On social media sites like Facebook, it’s easy to get an insight of your marketplace. When you can narrow it down to demographics, age, work history and the like, you can target your message to that audience, without having to go through a lengthy research of who your buyer persona is.

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